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Having computer problems? No Worries. We have one of the best Computer Repair Services in Dallas! 

You’re just a call away from fixing them! 

Contact Us to get our local technician and schedule a visit, it’s simple…

IT Support

Virus removal, OS Optimization, Troubleshooting, Computer Repair, Windows Reset, Maintenance, Connectivity issues. Our Technician will fix anything stopping you from completing that task your computer is having problems with...

tech support

Home Computer Repair

Hardware issues are common, our knowledge base allows us to successfully and boldly identify any problem to deliver an effective solution that will ensure your system's performance, everything On-Site!

Tech Solutions

We take care of any technological need you might have, Software, Hardware, Networks, Printers, Wireless Devices and beyond. We are here to help you and make sure any complication fades away, allowing you to enjoy this new technological era

why are we the most convenient CHOICE ?

We go to you...

House Calls is what we do, Computer Repair is our favorite service! Avoid the hassle of disconnecting, carrying and driving across town to get your computer fixed! We go to you and repair it ON SITE, convenience is included 😉

pick-up and delivery options...

About our convenient services? YES! If On-Site repair needs further complex troubleshooting or processing, we offer our Pick up and Delivery service, we take your equipment to our Shop, repair it and deliver it!

lowest rates GUARANTEED...

We even beat repair shop prices! Our on site computer repair services are the best. Don’t wait to get our services, you’re just a call away and don’t even worry about travel fees, if there’s any at all…

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